Jobs such as AI Engineer, Cloud Architect, and User Experience Designer in demand today did not exist some decades ago. However, these are some lucrative career avenues in the contemporary world. The emerging careers will be shaping the global workforce, and hence you must align your higher academic aspirations with the in-demand jobs of the future. So, if you are on the cusp of making decisions related to your educational aspiration, here are some emerging jobs that you must know. 

1. Data Scientist 

As a Data Scientist, you will be dealing with unstructured data and will be responsible for gathering and analyzing it to create more sophisticated and structured data. Do you like math and statistics? If yes, then this domain is for you as you will utilize the interdisciplinary knowledge of computer science, math and statistics. The trends that you identify will lead to business innovations and significant business breakthroughs. Programing languages such as Python, SQL and SAS and Data Visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI and Excel are essential in this field. 

2. Cybersecurity Specialist  

The mass adoption of technology across businesses has brought careers in Cybersecurity into the limelight. As a Cybersecurity Specialist, your job will involve encryption of personal information on social media, and you will be responsible for ensuring the computer system is virus-free and hackerproof. Did you know that as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity jobs are estimated to grow by a whopping 31% in the next 7 years?  

3. Robotics Engineer

Do you often find yourself disassembling electronics and assembling them to understand how stuff works? If yes, then you can build a successful career in Robotics Engineering. The careers in his space will require expert knowledge of electronics, programming, computer science, cognitive psychology and mechanics. With expert knowledge, you will design the robots and even the machines that build the robots. Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Product Manager

Product management involves analysing the customer demographics and customer behaviour to develop appropriate products and services. Product management careers will deal with strategies to launch a new product line, expand existing products and services, and more. Knowledge of advertising, strategic management, marketing, promotion and more is essential to be a successful Product Manager. 

5. Market Research Analyst

Careers in Market Research deal with discovering potential lucrative markets using data. As a Market Research Analyst, you will be responsible for utilising data collection tools and analysing the data to create an effective marketing strategy. Qualitative and quantitative research will form a significant part of your job role. 

So, these are some fascinating careers that will be highly in demand in 2022 and beyond. If you have already chosen your field, it is time to put your plans into action. Whether you plan to study in India or study abroad, an education loan is prudent to finance your higher studies independently. 

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