There are many foreign universities that review applicants’ PTE scores for their admission process. Before you think of taking an education loan for your academic expenses, you need to think about cracking your PTE exam first. This test evaluates the students based on four different divisions. These four divisions are Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

Let us look at each of the four sections to learn how to ace each one of them.


When you are on the reading part, make sure that you do not waste a lot of time. This section would require you to read quickly, so you should be practicing on this skill before you go for the PTE exam. Try getting done with the question within 2 minutes. Since the passage you are required to read is a small one, it is easy for you to just skim through it once before you begin reading.

There would be blanks in the middle for you to fill in, so skimming would help you save time in deciding whether the blank would have to be filled with a noun, adverb, verb, or adjective. So to ace this section, you should focus on working on your grammar and vocabulary skills.



While attempting this test, make sure you keep in mind the word count that is required. While writing an essay, you are asked to write between 200-300 words, so you should not be falling short or writing in excess to the requirement. This is because falling short would cost you points, and writing more than the required word limit would only waste your time.

Before you start writing the essay, focus on what you have been asked to write about. This is an important step which helps you to avoid going off-topic. Once you are clear on what you are supposed to write, open with a short and captivating paragraph that provides a gist of what the topic is about. Make sure to give your essay an organized structure. Lastly, limit your summary to one sentence.


For the speaking section, make sure to maintain a calm and composed tone. Focus on the correct pronunciations and maintain clarity. Next, you are required to repeat a sentence. A great way to practice for this is to watch some television shows and repeat the dialogues from them.

Once these are done, you would then have to give the remaining two tests, which are the re-tell lecture and describing an image. For the retelling lecture, make sure to note down the keywords which will help you speak on the key points of the topic. Lastly, you will have to describe an image shown to you. It is important to make use of good vocabulary and correct grammar.


The best way to prepare for the listening test is to listen to different accents. This would help sharpen your listening skills. Working on your vocabulary would help you to sharpen your listening skills.

For your listening test, you will be required to identify a topic and summarize it in your own words. Prepare for the test by making notes while listening to any audio clip. Focus on understanding the topic and note down important keywords, which will help you prepare your summary.

We hope this is helpful in cracking your PTE exam. All the best!


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