Chapter 1 – The Onset of Shreejit Verma’s Higher Education Journey

In conversation with Shreejit Verma, who is all set to pursue Master of Science in Computational Finance (MSCF) from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Let’s understand, why Shreejit wants to use his student loan to go to the US for this course, the course structure and about his college.

Shreejit’s academic journey so far

Shreejit has done his Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology. Post completing his course, he joined a multinational company in the BFSI space and has been working there for the past 3 years. He joined this organization as a Data Architect & Strategist, where he designed the AI and ML machinery models. Post 2019, he joined the Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities space, where he is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer. While working in this organization, Shreejit realized that stronger knowledge in the finance domain coupled with his existing skills would help him advance in his professional journey faster. Hence, he decided to pursue his higher education in the finance domain. He also researched for an education loan provider that would fund his abroad studies.

Let’s take a look at his college and course structure

Shreejit will be pursuing Master of Science in Computational Finance (MSCF) from Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) New York campus. It is a global research university known for its world-class, interdisciplinary programs. Founded in 1900, the university is a merger of the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. The university has seven colleges and independent schools, including the College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, Mellon College of Science, Tepper School of Business, and the School of Computer Science.

Shreejit will pursue MSCF course from Tepper School of Business. This program is a mix of traditional lectures and individual and group projects. Students in this program learn traditional finance theories of equity and bond portfolio management, the stochastic calculus models on which derivative security trading is based and computational techniques including Monte Carlo simulation, optimization and the numerical solution of partial differential equations using C++ and Python. As per Shreejit, this program has a blend of Statistics, Mathematics, Programming and Finance. This course structure will help him learn how these subjects can be successfully used in the financial space to get the end results.

Why did Shreejit opt for this course and college?

Firstly, Shreejit has been looking for a platform where he can experiment with new techniques from both the domains – engineering and finance. It is not possible for him to research and implement his learnings in his workplace as it is a professional financial setup, and thus, he is required to follow certain protocols. Hence, this course will give him that perfect opportunity to understand the concepts better via learning, experimenting and implementing. Plus, he’s also glad that these kinds of courses are highly favoured by many education loan providers. Secondly, the professors of this college attracted him to join the institution. MSCF alumni regard the professors as the number one strength of the MSCF program and the primary reason for its success. From senior faculty with superior achievements to younger academics with new perspectives, MSCF professors are highly respected and knowledgeable in their fields.

What changed in Shreejit’s course due to pandemic?

Shreejit’s MSCF program is scheduled to begin on 2nd August 2021. It will start with an orientation program and will continue till 30th August. Due to the current scenario, the university has offered a choice to international students to take the orientation via online sessions. But since the US has opened its borders for study abroad students, CMU is all set to conduct in-person classes. Shreejit has to travel to the US before 30th August 2021 to attend the scheduled classes.

Move out of your cocoon and engage with the people around you

Shreejit believes that it is important to connect with people around you. Since you will be stepping out of your known territory and venturing into a new one, you should engage with people around you. Imbibe the culture of that country and make it your own. It will help you evolve as an individual and create long-lasting relationships with new people in a new country.

This is just the start of Shreejit’s journey. In the next chapter, we will talk about his research mechanism, the importance of planning in advance, how to be COVID ready prior to travelling, and the way forward. Till then, if you have any queries regarding a student loan, please reach out to Avanse. We will be happy to assist you. Take care!


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