Why is Canada climbing the ranks?

Canada is creating a buzz among the students aspiring to study abroad to climb the world rankings among the other popular destinations. According to US News & World Report, Canada has won the race against all the other countries to become the best country for quality of life and overall raking. The country was judged against the parameters like agility, entrepreneurship, quality of life, up-and-coming economy, social equality, culture, business readiness, influencing capability, and tourism.

Quality education

The education system of Canada holds a prominent place in the world and hence, students from Canadian universities can easily transition from academics to a professional career. Courses from Canadian varsities are well-recognized that empower students with research-oriented programs and incredible learning experiences.

With 100+ education institutions and 15,000 courses, it offers a rich reservoir of knowledge through its undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, and other certification programs. Among many other courses, Canada is popular for Information Technology, MBA, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, and Hospital Management. If you are worried about getting a higher education loan, we at Avanse will handhold you through the process.

Top Universities of Canada as per QS World University Rankings 2021
Canada Rank
Global Rank
Name of the University
Canada Rank
Global Rank
Name of the University


25 University of Toronto 2 31 McGill University


45 University of British Columbia 4 118

Université de Montréal

5 119 University of Alberta 6 144

McMaster University

Work opportunities

Most students flock to Canada because of Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). So, soon after you finish your graduation program you are eligible to apply for PGWP and work in Canada. So, if you aspire to work abroad after finishing your studies then Canada is the best choice. You are eligible to apply for a PGWP after 180 days of receiving your final marks. Canada not only has excellent work opportunities but also its economy heavily depends on.

Friendly work policies

As compared to other popular nations, Canada has better policies for students coming from other nations. Recently, Canada has communicated that students that have a study permit and are attending a university that has a COVID-readiness plan would be welcomed in the country. And Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a governmental body overlooking the immigration process, has played an institutional role in this process as it diligently continues to process study permit applications amidst pandemic.

Permanent residency

Did you know that according to IDP, an international education organization, the number of students applying to Canadian universities has increased by 50%?  And permanent residency is one of the most fascinating reasons why Indian students chose to study in Canada. Moreover, this peace-loving nation facilitates dual intent for international students too. This means that you can apply for a study permit and a Canadian permanent resident status, simultaneously. If you are like several other students who want to gain an access to permanent residency, then you can apply for an education loan for Canada and make your dreams come true.

Safety and security

The efficient and productive socio-political status of this nation is another reason that boosts the morale of the students to begin their journey here. Apart from this, the Canadian government provides much-needed safety and security to all its citizens. Students also feel a great sense of security to pursue their dreams in this nation because of its COVID preparedness.

Studying in Canada can change your life with fair and easy policies for international students, an incredible education system, well-recognized coursework, excellent job opportunities, and many other exciting reasons. So, just like many other students, if you too have plans to achieve your goals and basking in the glory of Canada, then team Avanse is right here for you to help finance your academic plans. All the best!

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