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Seven best destinations for higher studies in Australia
July 11, 2014
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The Popular Study Abroad Choice
July 1, 2014
Study in Canada

Ever since Raj met his cousin who had recently returned from abroad and was now making a six figure salary, he had his mind set upon completing his higher studies from an internationally recognized university. Having chosen the promising field of biotechnology, he knew that few colleges could offer him the opportunity to learn and earn on the go. After a lot of research and deliberations, he chose the renowned Seneca College in Toronto, Canada to complete his post graduation in biotechnology.

What made him pick up the university was a combination of multiple factors. First and foremost, he wanted to enroll in a foreign university which offered world class education systems with lenient visa requirements and which offered students to earn while they complete their course. Then he made a quick list of countries and universities where he may want to apply for the course and naturally Canada become one of the top prospects for this dedicated and smart student. He was also astounded with tales of how his cousin was able to gel in comfortably with local residents of Canada and he had heard encouraging reports of the climate and vibrant night life. Sealing the deal for him was the level of affordable healthcare and the possibility to immigrate permanently in the country.

Like Raj, multitudes of young and promising students are now beginning to seriously consider Canada to forge their visions of a bright future. In fact recent data suggests that Indians now make the second largest section of international students studying in Canada. The government of Canada has made it easier for Indian students to study there by facilitating Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) between their educational institutions and universities as well as varsities in India. With prospective tuition fees being lower by 30percent on average as compared to universities in US and the UK, views of students is tilting in Canada’s favour. The positive experience of previously graduated students also lends to more support for studying in Canada.

As an established centre attracting quality teaching talent, Canada is increasingly being recognized as knowledge based economy and has witnessed flock of international students applying across various streams like Information Technology, Business Management, Hospitality Management and Engineering. A very supportive academic environment where professors are approachable and classrooms reflect the cultural diversity of the country are what makes Canada the land of some of the world’s top research facilities and academic institutions.

In order to limit fraud and to enhance Canada’s reputation in the international market, the local government has revised its International Student Program effective June 1, 2014. The revision allows students to gain a clear understanding of application and work as well as immigration process for Canada. It is mandatory to apply for a study permit at the local visa office of the home country. One of the most critical asks is that students have to submit proof of having sufficient funds for their stay in Canada. Avanse’s Pre-approved Loan (PAL) empowers students with an In-Principal Loan Sanction letter which serves as a solid ‘Proof of Funds’. With PAL, students can apply to multiple universities and increase their chances of securing an admission. In fact, a pre-approved education loan ensures that students can effectively focus on their studies without worrying about various added costs like medical insurance or living expenses. More details about the various documents required can be found here.

As a progressive, and constitutional monarchy, Canada showcases a deep assimilation of cultures from migrant population promoting multiculturalism. With one of the highest standards of living in the global arena, it is poised to draw more and more foreign students to witness and enjoy the fruits of its advanced economy.

So it’s definitely a good decision to study abroad in Canada?

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