A Brief Guide To Help You Identify The Right University & The Perfect Study Abroad Destination

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Did you know that UNESCO revealed that back in 2018, out of 5 million international students 7,50,000 were from India? But if you think that pandemic has demotivated students from studying abroad then think again. Because a recent survey states that 91% of the Indian students are willing to study abroad despite the pandemic. If you have taken a student loan and are about to embark on an academic journey but confused about the whole process of shortlisting the universities and countries, then this article is for you. If questions like how to select your academic destination or how to choose the right university, are troubling you then here’s a list of things to keep in mind during the shortlisting process.

1. Connect with yourself, know your passion

While some of you will have elaborate plans about the course and stream you wish to pursue, some might still be in the planning stage. For those students who are still in the planning stage, we suggest that you follow your passion and understand your natural inclination. Writing down your strengths and interests will help crystalize your ideas. Apart from this, you can also consider the future opportunities and remuneration that your chosen domain would offer. Whether you are willing to continue working abroad after your studies or return to your homeland, choose the destination that offers courses in your preferred stream. Also, evaluating job opportunities available after you finish your international course and the compensation it would fetch, would help you.

2. Passion coupled with the right direction is a recipe to success

Several factors like educational structure, entry requirements, lifestyle preference, recognition of the destination in the global market and more will influence your decision to shortlist your study abroad destination. However, courses in your preferred domain that universities offer should be your top priority. Digital sources, prospectus, your network, alumni will bring you a great deal of clarity about the courses and universities.

3. Competitive entrance exams to prove your mettle

Once you have shortlisted the program, you need to think about what you wish to opt for – whether a diploma or a degree. You can check out if you need to appear for any entrance exams to qualify for admission. You will be evaluated based on academic scores and entrance exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, and more. Depending onthis information you can prepare for the respective entrance exams.

4. Rankings reflect the quality of education

Although it is no secret that courses from highly ranked universities hold a global reputation and gives an incredible chance to stand out from the crowd. You should check the rankings based on criteria such as research facilities, academic modules, student to faculty ratio, and more, to suit your requirement. Also, know which universities have reputation for courses that you are looking for in particular. For instance, the US is one of the best destinations among international students but New Zealand will prove to be the best destination for pursuing Civil Engineering.

5. The checklist: Application process, admission requisites, and more

In the UK, you can swiftly get through the admission process with just a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR). Whereas the US has a comprehensive approach towards the admission and application process and you will be assessed through several parameters like entrance exams, essays, LOR,SOP, personal interviews (PIs), etc., And in Canada, you are required to qualify for admissions through essays, video answers, and LORs.

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Interesting Fact: Canada and the UK are stringent about your board exam marks, however, the US is lenient in this area and allows admission even before your board exams.

6. Learning experience: Catalyst for career success

The USA ranks 1st among the educational institutions across the globe. It is home to 170 universities out of the highly ranked universities around the world. While the UK is the 2nd most preferred academic destination and four of its universities reflect in the top 20 universities in the world. Canada has three universities among the top 100 universities and popular for its business management, STEM programs.

Interesting Fact: New Zealand, Germany, and Ireland are gaining popularity amid the pandemic due to the wide range of courses and simple admission process.

7. Some Alumnae experience:

Bharti Parida, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

According to her, the course offered by the US institute is more defined and flexible. It gives her an option to choose what’s best for her. For instance, she could choose between a research course and an internship. To know more about Bharti’s academic experience, please click here.

Girinath, Ambigapathi, Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Girinath opted for New Zealand as courses in New Zealand are considered to be among the best in the world. All the universities in this country are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world, according to the QS World Rankings. To know more about Girinath’s educational experience, please click here.

Manish Singh Kannojiya, Amity Global Business School, Singapore

Manish decided to go for a quality degree in Singapore, complete his course and get a suitable job for himself in his own country – a safe and a calculated risk! To know more about why Manish opted for Singapore and his academic journey, please click here.

The decision related to your university and study abroad destination will set your career path. Hence, it is imperative to make a well-informed decision based on your passion, the opportunities in the domain you opt for, the return on your investment that you will make through a student loan, and so on and so forth. Focus on these aspects and leave your student loan-related worries to Avanse. All the best!

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