In this century, a lot of the educational aspirants believe in a disruptive strategy where everyone desires to be unique and out-of-the-box. Age-old philosophy cannot hold them back and convince them to follow the foot-steps of their predecessors. They are always on the lookout for something different and innovative. Neither do they prefer pursuing an engineering/MBA degree nor do they want to follow their parents or grandparents. In line with this ideology, here is an article which captures some of the non-conventional courses which can offer students like you a bright and a rewarding career opportunity.

Art Restoration & Conservation:

Art restoration is repairing, restoring, preserving and analysing various works of art. A career in this field requires perfect balance between the knowledge of science and skills in arts. An art conservator usually specializes in a certain type of object or art material, for instance, books, paintings, sculptures, etc. A conservator’s main task revolves around monitoring and controlling the environment in which the artifacts are stored or displayed to prevent deterioration. On the other hand, art restoration involves cleaning of the object to make it look like its original form. This particular domain requires specialized knowledge, most importantly of paintings, history of art and also to some extent of chemistry. Art restoration is a time consuming process and each and every details of the artifacts has to be monitored minutely.


Oenology is the science and art of brewing finest quality wines from various grapes using different techniques and material. The programs usually focuses on the science of wine and development of advanced knowledge about specific aspects of growing grapes and making wine. Some of the areas that these courses cover are vine physiology, vine health, wine sensory science and wine production. The craftsperson for this profession is known as oenologist. If you opt for this field, you can choose to work on the technical side of the industry and produce different types of wine or use your leadership skills to manage a vineyard or use your knowledge to be a wine consultant or marketer.

Ground/Pitch Curator:

We often speak about the amazing batsman, the bowlers, the umpire, the coaches and many more. A lot of the cricket enthusiasts understand the importance of the pitch during the game. But have anyone ever thought about those pitch curators who make sure that the players can deliver their best in every game? These ground curators prepare, maintain and repair the playing surfaces and the outfields. They prepare the best pitch gauging the weather conditions of the region. The importance of this job has been realized in the 21st century and the profession has attracted eligible candidates who have strong knowledge about soil and weather as they primarily need to assess the weather and then decide on a type of soil mixture and clay content that would work best with the environment of that particular region. This is definitely an option if you are looking for something offbeat to study in India.


This is the process of designing, drawing, making layouts and preparing photographic sequences is a creative manner. It is the art of presenting still photographs in a way which makes them appear like moving images to the viewers. These are done with the help of computer based techniques which can create interesting visual representations of painted images, graphics, multimedia texts and many more such formats. This field requires skills such as creativity, visualisation, storytelling ability and excellent technical knowledge to covert an unrealistic world of imagination into a real one. All the movies which shows an alien clan attacking the world or dinosaurs running in the jungle or dragons burning down the cities are fine examples of animators creating magic on the screen. There are plenty of good animation courses available in India. If you wish to go overseas, you can also choose to study in USA, Australia, Canada, etc. Completing an animation course abroad can open the door to better job opportunities.


Cartography is the study and practice of making maps. It is a method or art of graphically representing a geographical area on a flat surface, such as a map or chart. But now, gone are the days when maps used to be on papers. Now everything is digital, hence, the course structure has also gone through a lot of changes. This field includes application and study of image processing, visual display of the data, data capture and data manipulation. Nowadays digital maps or app based maps are used by everyone. We use it during intercity travel, intracity travel and also, during travelling the world. Hence, you can imagine the demand for the same. And since, everyone is using them to travel, the maps need to be simple to understand. If you are interested in Geography, Cartography is a good career option for you.


We all love mushrooms, right? But do we ever think about where they are grown or from where exactly we get these? Fungiculture is the profession of cultivating these tasty mushrooms and other fungi to yield food, medicine and other important products. Cultivating any type of fungus and mushrooms requires knowledge and practical training. There are dedicated courses to learn this trade. These are usually short-term courses where you can learn the technique and become an entrepreneur in this field or you can also enrol for BSc Agriculture with Fungiculture as part of the syllabus.

Pet groomers:

Are you an animal lover? Then this is a perfect profession that you can opt for. There are universities which offer you formal courses so that you have acquire the knowledge to master this field. These courses are curated in a way which will give you the opportunity to work closely with animals. A pet groomer should be extremely conscious about hygiene. In these courses, you are usually taught things like how to give a bath to the pets, cut nails, trimming dog/cat hair, notice pet’s heath related issues and many more such activities.

A lot of you may experience some difficulty in deciding whether you should opt for such courses. You might also be discouraged for pursuing your aspirations in these fields. But remember that these non-conventional courses are unique and thus, these professions are always in demand. You should always follow your passion and do something that you love the most. If you need help covering the cost of such a course, then our education loans can hold the key to your dreams! You can reach out to us in case you need any assistance or if you have any queries regarding our finance solutions. Good luck and all the best with your studies.

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