Online courses are available in various specialisations and are a fantastic way of acquiring domain-specific knowledge and learning new skills in a short time. The online certification programs offer a great degree of flexibility as students can complete them from the comfort of their homes. So, let’s discover the benefits of online courses, some popular online certification programs, and answers to some of the common questions related to these courses.

Key Highlights

·       Why are online courses gaining popularity?

·       Some of the most sought-after online courses with certificates that are offered by the best online classes

o   Digital Marketing course

o   Data Science course

o   Data Analytics

o   Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

o   Product Management

o   Blockchain Technology

Why are online courses gaining popularity?

Online learning format has become mainstream, and many students prefer opting for these courses to complete their higher education or after completing their education. These courses could be mainstream degrees, diploma courses or skilling, reskilling and upskilling courses too. You must identify your learning needs before selecting the courses.

Some reasons why students prefer online certification courses:                                                                                        

·       You can select from a wide range of specialisations available in this format. For instance, courses are available, from Data Science to Finance and Artificial Intelligence to Engineering.

·       Since you can easily manage your schedule, they are super flexible and can be pursued by working professionals too.

·       You can choose the shorter or longer duration depending on your learning goals and whether you want to opt for mainstream study programs, skilling, reskilling or upskilling courses.

Some popular online courses that are offered by the best online classes

Digital Marketing course

This course will officially introduce you to key aspects that every digital marketing specialist wants to learn, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), marketing analytic tools, and social media marketing. The duration will vary depending on the educational institute you select and whether you choose beginner-level, intermediate-level or advanced courses.

Data Science course

Data Science is emerging rapidly; hence, it is one of the most in-demand career avenues. You can learn programs such as Python, MySQL and AWS. Apart from these programs, this course will bring great insights into statistics, business intelligence, data structures, and algorithms.

Data Analytics

The new-age businesses across sectors rely on Data Analytics to uncover the patterns hidden in the raw and unstructured data to draw meaningful inferences to find business solutions. Data Analysts will be closely associated with Prescriptive, Predictive, and Diagnostic analytics. You must choose the best Data Analytics course from a well-recognised educational institution to excel in this domain.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn data mining, pattern recognition, algorithms to create smart robots and other interesting subjects in this course. You can level up your existing skills in this field or learn the program afresh. Since jobs in ML and AI are highly in demand, you can take your career to the next level by opting for this course. AI focuses on developing a smart computer system that simulates human intelligence, and ML designs machines that perform specific tasks.

Product Management

A product manager is responsible for planning, developing, testing and launching products. To manage the entire product lifecycle, one must delve deeper into product analytics, management strategies, monetisation strategies and product design. Technological innovation has made Data Analytics and Visualisation an integral part of the product management study program.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digitally distributed and decentralised public ledger that enables the process of recording transactions in the business network. This course covers interesting subjects, including Blockchain Technology Management, Blockchain Delivery, Network & Architecture and Testing. Blockchain technology is transforming multiple businesses by assisting them in storing sensitive data, processing payments, and monitoring the supply chain.


Why are online courses preferred by students?

These courses allow students to fulfil their academic aspirations, learn industry-specific skills and manage their careers simultaneously.

Are certification degrees, diplomas, skilling, upskilling or reskilling courses in demand?

Since they offer multiple benefits, these online certification courses are trending among the student fraternity.

Will these courses add value to the CV?

Since these courses impart the knowledge and skills in your chosen area of specialisation, you can add them to your resume to increase your chances of selection. Recruiters will always choose students with certification courses as they have expertise in their field of study. 

So, these are some popular online courses that can offer you an easy transition from academics to a professional career. No matter which format of study program you choose, please remember that Avanse Financial Services will always partner with you on your academic journey. If funding these courses is challenging, you can opt for a student loan in India.

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