The island nation

Australia has opened borders and geared up to welcome study abroad students this year. Did you know that education is one of the biggest sectors in Australia? It is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations. So, here are some amazing benefits available to Australian international students.

1) Academic Excellence 

The Australian education system is globally recognized for its quality educational programs. This continent offers courses in Arts & Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Medicines, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and more. Data Science, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are some promising study programs in Australia. Australian international students can leverage the industry-focused coursework that will make them career-ready. 

Top Five Universities in Australia
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney
  • Australian National University
  • University of Queensland
  • Monash University
2) Research and Development (R&D) 

Australian international students have the advantage of participating in international research. So, if you are looking for research-based courses, Australia is a perfect destination for you. To encourage research-based learning, it introduces you to researcher exchange programs where you can participate in research activities at an international level.

3) Popular student-friendly cities 

Did you know that as per the QS World University Rankings, 2022, Melbourne and Sydney are among the top 10 student cities in the world? Australian international students flock to these student-friendly cities as they offer cultural diversity, state-of-the-art infrastructure, safety and lucrative employment opportunities. 

4) Happiness Quotient

Be assured about the quality of life in this country as you will have access to an excellent healthcare system, transport, infrastructure, and government services. Australian international students have access to great support systems in this country like student associations, student orientation programs, language & academic groups, and more. You will be amazed to know that 92% of the community in Victoria is fully vaccinated. 

5) Smile has no language

Did you know that 30% of Australians were born overseas? Australia is multicultural, and hence, you will feel welcomed here. This vibrant island continent is known for a transparent legal system that protects the rights of Australian international students. You will experience fast-paced urban life in Australia. But do not miss out on beautiful landscapes like Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach, and more amazing destinations.

6) Learn, earn and burn away your worries

You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during your term. However, recently Australia has agreed to double the part-time work hours. Secondly, the local businesses that suffered due to the workforce shortages will now offer new job opportunities. Moreover, Australian international students will benefit from the latest development regarding Temporary Graduate Visa 485. You will now be allowed to stay for 2-3 years in Australia post completion of your course. So, not only will you gain from one of the best education systems in the world but also simultaneously earn hands-on experience. 

So, these are some amazing benefits available to Australian international students. If you have made up your mind to study in Australia but want to know how to apply for an educational loan for abroad studies, then our expert team at Avanse Financial Services will be more than happy to assist you. All the best!

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