Located in the heart of Munich, this university is considered to be one of Europe’s best academic and research universities. It inspires to bring out the best of ideas from its students, and hence is successful in turning them into esteemed scholars.

Since the university is so well-known for its brilliance in the field of research, it comes as no surprise when you come to know that it is a founding member of multiple institutions like the German Academic Exchange Service, Bavarian International Academic Centers, League of European Research Universities and the Venice International University. It also actively takes part in student exchange programs as they have a great international network.

Here are some amazing features that this university provides for its students:


LMU Munchen offers an extensive range of topics when it comes to academics by covering law, economics, cultural sciences, social sciences and humanities to medicine and natural sciences. The University’s faculty is divided into 18 sections and includes one of Germany’s finest library systems.

The university has faculties for the following departments:

Catholic Theology
Protestant Theology
Business Administration – Munich School of Management
Veterinary Medicine
History and the Arts
Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Religion
Psychology and Educational Sciences
Study of Culture
Languages and Literatures
Social Sciences
Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics
Chemistry and Pharmacy

Medical Center

Around 5,00,000 inpatients, outpatients and semi-residential patients are treated at the Medical Center annually. It even features specialist clinics, which are over 29, and are known to have over 2,000 beds assigned to them. In addition to this, there are 12 other institutes and 46 interdisciplinary centers as well.


Undergraduates to recognized research grant winners, everyone plays a part when it comes to the quest for new ideas for the field of research. With such an involved culture, it is no surprise that the University’s academic staff is regularly awarded international prized and awards.

This highly-skilled department regularly gets project grants from external funding agencies, which helps them expand their skill set by working on extensive projects that require research of the highest caliber and cross border academic cooperation.

Their prime sources of funding come from the German Research Foundation and the European Union, although they also attract research funding from a wide range at regional, national and international levels.

The university has made a brand name for itself, collaborating with big names like Audi, among many big businesses, insurance companies, and even banks. With global enterprises and promising start-ups filled in the city, this university is in a prime location to bloom. There could hardly be a better place where students could grow, with the perfect mixture of study and experience right at the heart of this university.

The university also has a great international network of universities, foundations, and corporations around Munich. With such a great environment and rich culture surrounding the campus, this university brings out the best in their students when it comes to study and research.


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