Germany has always been a well-known study destination for students all around the world. Even during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Germany has constantly been one of the top countries abroad that students prefer. With the country’s sound academic system and great economic strength, students who want to pursue their education in Germany does not come as a surprise.

If you are a student thinking about pursuing your education in Germany, it is natural for you to have second thoughts, given the global pandemic. Let us understand more about the situation in Germany right now:

The inflow of Indian students

There were a total of 25,149 Indian students who enrolled in German universities. There has been a lot of speculation on problems with the student inflows because of COVID-19. However, most of the universities in Germany have been effectively dealing with the pandemic by making their admission processes very flexible.

Housing arrangements in Germany

Another major concern for international students is the accommodation once they get to Germany. It is natural to worry about this aspect when universities in countries like the United States have shut their dorms due to the coronavirus. However, the situation in Germany is thankfully very different from that of the US. A mere 2% of the universities in Germany have shut their student dorms. This means that students planning to study abroad in Germany do not have to worry too much about their accommodation.

Updated guidelines by the Ministry of Health for reopening universities

Many students are left wondering if they would be able to move to Germany for the semester of 2021. Thankfully, with the testing possibilities, German universities have been able to go ahead with their 2021 semesters. Today, the testing for coronavirus can be carried out swiftly. This has ultimately resulted in the possibility of increased attendance at the universities, which is why Germany remains one of the top study abroad destinations in the world.

Guidelines for Indian students

As of today, Germany has still not been opened up for Indian students. This is because of the new Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was first reported in India. This deadly variant is responsible for about 90% of all cases in the UK right now.  However, entry restrictions are constantly changing, so it is advised to keep track of new developments and plan accordingly. So, if you are an Indian student wanting to pursue your further education in Germany, you would have to wait until further guidelines. However, once the Delta variant is dealt with, you can be sure to get started with your admission process. Please ensure that you opt for only those vaccines that are WHO-approved, like Covishield.

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