Every student aspires to study abroad with a dream of securing their degree from an international varsity. Overseas education imparts valuable life skills and expands your horizon, and studies will form a major part of your journey. However, it is necessary to live your life to the fullest and try these amazing things while studying abroad.

1. Maintain a journal and keep it close to your heart

Maintain a diary when you study abroad where you can capture the daily happenings and then look back by analysing how your day/week or even the entire duration of your stay in the foreign country made you a better person. One easy way of maintaining a detailed journal is by adding pictures to record your life in an unexplored country and add important life lessons too.

2. Travel around: 

You can pack your bags to roam around the countryside, get familiar with the different cultures and build a good connection with locals. Taking a breather from your rigorous coursework is necessary to rejuvenate when you study abroad. What better way than to travel with your buddies and explore the country! 

3. Consider a part-time job: 

The addition of work experience on your resume will convey that you are a determined candidate, which will ensure an easy career transition from academics. Most countries offer flexible work timings for study abroad students. However, if you plan to work part-time, you must meet the minimum attendance requirement as prescribed by your university.

Approximate work hours permitted by various countries:

Name of the country Permitted work hours
The US 20 hours a week
The UK Not more than 20 hours per week
Canada 20 hours a week
Germany 120 full or 240 half days in a year
France For 6 month program: 472 work hours per year

For full-time program: 964 hours per year

Australia 40 hours per week


4. Save while you learn

Earning while learning is an excellent way to reduce the dependence on your parents to cover your living expenses and have the extra moolah to support your lifestyle. Secondly, if you work when you study abroad, your savings, no matter big or small, will assist you in repaying your education loan.

5. Learn a new language: 

As a study abroad student, if you are looking to explore destinations where English is not a widely-spoken language, then it might be a great idea to start taking lessons to learn the local language. This will give you an opportunity to learn about a new culture and help engage with locals too. It’s a humbling experience to learn about someone else’s traditions and offers a global view of things and how they all fit into the bigger picture. Make sure that you attend at least one regional event or a cultural ceremony like a wedding or birthday to understand how locals emote and connect with others.

6. Try out local delicacies: 

Who wouldn’t appreciate trying out local delicacies like fruits that are usually available in only the top supermarkets in the home country! Many countries have amazing street food, which must definitely be on your bucket list. So when you study abroad, you can team up with your friends to figure out a list of top delicacies to have a gastronomical experience. 

7. Keep yourself updated

Always keep your visa status updated and keep track of what visas or permits you require when you study abroad. Most countries offer post-study visas, but you should know the exact time when you can apply for the extension of visas. Talk to your educational consultants and your peers to gain more clarity.

8. Last but not least, remember to keep backups: 

Losing your belongings can be a traumatic experience so remember to keep backups handy. This will prepare you for a rainy day, and a simple way of doing this is to keep a separate hard drive or a working bank account where you can save your important documents or valuables. After all, studying abroad can be a life-altering experience, and you should be well-prepared. 

So, are you all geared up to study abroad? If finance is the only hurdle, then you can opt for an education loan. By opting for a student loan, you can fund your education without depending on your parents. If you have queries, please connect with us. We will be glad to assist you. All the best!

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