Ivy League schools are rated as the most prestigious schools around the world. These schools have highly selective admission processes, and the current acceptance rate of 3.9 to 8.7% is testimony to the same. Scoring high academic grades alone cannot guarantee admission to Ivy League schools. Make your application stand out by submitting an impressive profile for studying abroad in IVY League schools.

Ivy League schools: A brief overview

The Ivy League comprises eight of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America. The complete list of the schools is Brown University, Cornell University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Princeton University, and Yale University.

Some of these universities, like Harvard, are located in urban areas, whereas other universities like Dartmouth belong to rural areas. Gaining education from any of the Ivy League schools is a one-of-its-kind experience for students. Indeed, studying in these schools can burn a big hole in parents’ pockets, but you need not fret as we offer education loans for study abroad programs. With an education loan, you can finance your education independently, without depending on your parents.

Students should prepare well-rounded and holistic profiles for studying abroad. Assorted below are some of the points that will help you to create an impressive profile for the IVY League admission process:

Extra-curricular activities: Just like academics, students’ engagement in extra-curricular activities allows Ivy League schools to evaluate their candidature in the best manner. Therefore, actively participating in extra-curricular activities like sports competitions, debates, cultural events, and writing competitions will not only hone interpersonal skills and showcase your passion but also help to build an impressive profile to study abroad in top-rated schools.

A Pro-Tip: Engage in three or four extra-curricular activities for a prolonged period instead of participating in 8-10 activities for a shorter duration. 

Statement of Purpose (SOP) & Letter of Recommendation (LOR): SOP includes an introduction of yourself, academic background, career goals, and reason to choose a particular program from the specific university. Try to keep SOP concise and engaging by showcasing skills, passion, traits, and what made you choose the particular program from the particular university.

Submitting an admission application to an Ivy League school is incomplete without the LOR. The recommended letters contain professional and personal opinions about your character, academic performance, communication skills, motivation, integrity, etc., from the faculty members of your previous educational institutions.

Pro-Tips: Take the help of SOP experts or experienced counsellors to prepare an engaging SOP. Ask professors to write a letter of recommendation as they are the best critics to assess your performance.

Hone writing skills: It is crucial to highlight your unique selling point to gain a competitive advantage over other students. If you have a passion for writing, hone your writing skill. Excellent writing skills may help in landing a seat in your dream Ivy League College. So, start writing 100-150 words daily, which may include an essay or a brief introduction about yourself. A well-written essay or introduction helps an Ivy League admission committee validate your writing skills and analytical skills, and shows your college readiness.

Grab internship opportunities: Global schools and universities are happy to give admission to those students, who can think like leaders and have corporate exposure. Internships undertaken in a reputed company related to the program you want to pursue will enhance your profile. Your work experience gives clarity to the university committee members that you possess real-world experience, which you want to transform into career success by joining the related program to study further.

Reading beyond textbooks: Ivy League Schools prefer taking students with well-rounded and holistic personalities. So, an excellent academic record and professional experience may not be enough to secure your seat. Make your profile more attractive by doing something extra like reading books, novels or newspaper editorials beyond coursebooks. Notable institutions like Harvard are eager to know the books you have enjoyed reading in the last few months. Start with reading one book per month and increase the pace as per your convenience.

 Pro-Tip: Do not make the grave mistake of adding the names of those books in the application that you have not read. 

Connect with university alumni: Connecting with university alumni, indeed, is a great practice that helps you to prepare your profile in sync with colleges’ requirements. The valuable insights shared by alumni, like what the college committee looks into when evaluating a candidate’s application, the program curriculum and what helped him/her to secure a seat in the college, will give a crystal clear idea about your areas of improvement and increase your chances of getting an admission.

Religiously following the aforementioned points will help you create an impressive profile for Ivy league admissions and study abroad in other notable universities. Put your best foot forward and devote time to creating a strong admission profile. If you have any queries regarding an education loan for study abroad purposes, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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