The statistics show that approximately 1,52,000 foreign students were studying in South Korea in 2021. Moreover, the number of study abroad students studying at these universities has been increasing yearly. Are you wondering why so many students are flocking to South Korea, one of the developed countries in East Asia? Let’s find out!  
Reasons to study in South Korea

  1. Excellent quality of education: Amongst the top 20 Asian universities, 5 of them are from South Korea (as per QS Asia University Rankings 2022). Korean universities are popular worldwide for offering advanced academic programs and educational competitiveness. The universities and colleges offer high-quality education in various fields such as Management, Technology, Finance, Fashion and Economics, to name a few.

    If you aspire to study in South Korea, you can opt for an education loan for studying abroad. It is a fantastic choice if you want to finance your higher studies independently.

  2. Bright career prospects: The Korean economy is the fourth-largest Asian economy after China, Japan and India. As a stable and growing economy, South Korea offers a plethora of employment opportunities to college students. You can either work while studying or after completing your education. If you work while studying, you can earn some extra bucks to support your lifestyle and/or set some amount aside to pay the EMI’s of education loan for abroad studies.

    Korean companies such as LG, Hyundai and Samsung are popular worldwide and have a strong presence in different sectors such as Business Research, Information Technology, Automobiles, Trading, Research & Development and Construction industry. Many companies offer recruiting programs to hire international graduates who have completed their education at Korean universities. And if you feel that a financial crunch is stopping you from pursuing higher education in South Korea, taking an education loan for studying abroad is one of the best options. After all, paying loan EMIs is a cakewalk once you grab an attractive job offer.

  3. Language: Although Korean is the official language, universities offer programs in English, and the popularity of English-taught programs in various Korean universities has increased significantly over the years. This allows students from English-speaking nations to pick programs spanning various disciplines in Korean universities and colleges.

    Pro-Tip: Do learn the Korean language if you have plans to settle down in the country. It is an easy-to-learn language, and many universities offer part-time or full-time Korean language courses at an affordable cost.

  4. Student-friendly nation: Moving abroad and living in a culturally different country can be stressful for students. However, there are multiple benefits of studying abroad for Indian students, such as developing a global outlook. Besides,  South Korea is an extremely student-friendly nation and offers a safe environment. As per the 2019 reports, Seoul occupies the 8th position in the EIU’s Safe Cities Index. The low crime rate and friendly attitude of the local population towards international students make South Korea a safe study abroad destination. Furthermore, excellent transportation, healthcare facilities and availability of a variety of entertainment are some other benefits of studying abroad for Indian students.
  5. Affordable living cost: Unlike expensive destinations like Australia, the UK, the USA and France, the cost of living in South Korea is affordable. On-campus accommodations like dormitories and food and transportation facilities are pocket-friendly too.

You will not regret your decision if you have chosen South Korea as your study abroad destination and planning to apply for an education loan for abroad studies. For more information about an education loan and other fantastic benefits, please get in touch with us today.

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