To apply for an executive education loan for MBA, you must be an Indian citizen over the age of 18, have a confirmed seat at your preferred institute and should have cleared your 10th standard exams. If you haven’t received a confirmed admission yet, you can get a pre-admission loan to cover the costs of entrance exams, preparation tests, consultancy fees, application costs and more.

With the Avanse executive educational loan for MBA, you can cover the cost of postgraduate courses, specialist courses, management courses, vocational up-gradation courses or courses leading to a higher professional qualification.

You can opt for a minimum loan amount of INR 1,00,000. The maximum loan amount we provide will depend on your co-borrower’s financial standing and your fund requirements. If you’d like to understand the maximum loan amount you can opt for, you can use our Education Loan Eligibility Calculator or contact an Avanse advisor.

The educational loan for MBA is designed specifically for the needs of students. We offer attractive interest rates than personal loans and moratorium or holiday period during which you do not have to make any repayments towards your loan amount. You only have to start paying six months after you complete the course, or three months after securing employment, whichever is earlier. With personal loans, you do not get this moratorium period.

You can choose to provide collateral, but we do offer loans without security. Of course, if you can offer collateral, we can offer you higher loan amounts and lower interest rates.

We need the following documents to process your executive education loan for your MBA:

  • Student KYC and educational documents
  • Details regarding the course and fees
  • Co-borrower KYC and income details
  • Collateral documents