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January 2, 2017
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Secured your degree from an International University? Bolster your chances of working in India with the following tips

The perks of an international degree are manifold! It offers students the opportunity to study in a unique course of their preference and exposure to global cultural values. Understandably Indian students are increasingly choosing to obtain a degree in an international university so that new avenues for growth and jobs can be secured. This culminates into better opportunities for careers.As India becomes an increasingly knowledge oriented economy, employers prefer new recruits with a global perspective and also look out for students with an over-arching perspective on global trends. Functioning in an increasingly globalized environment, many organizations now veer towards candidates with foreign degrees as they believe that they have better technical skills for jobs. Typically students with foreign degree have renewed confidence, great communication skills along with the ability to adapt and this offers them a good opportunity when looking for jobs in India.

Most recently, the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as well as the Human Resource Department (HRD) ministry have unveiled detailed guidelines on what it regards as valid in India for further education and employment purposes for students with international degrees. That said, quite a few organizations in India prefer students that have completed their education locally. A survey from British Council indicated that only 13% of companies actively seek foreign degree holders.

Here are a few tips to enhance your chances of fortifying work opportunities in India:

1. Accept that the Indian regulatory body that is, AIU has put up certain minimum stipulations for accepting degrees from foreign institutions:
Make sure to check out the official portal from time to time and understand how as well as what regulations you’d have to comply with to secure a proper job in India

2. Check if the country/ university that you’re planning to complete you higher education from, is one of the preferred ones:
Traditionally, organizations in India are more keen on hiring from the larger and more developed economies like US, UK, Germany etc. so it would make sense to choose the seat of learning from one of the above

3. Verify your choice of the right university along with the correct course:
Doing this should ensure that you get into a reputed institution with the right accreditation and the qualifications gained from will be accepted in the country too. Visit the official higher education website for the respective countries to understand the university you’ve is officially recognized by the country in which it is located

4. Look out for markets that are relatively underdeveloped:
Modify expectations in terms of salaries and job description. Instead highlight the soft skills, the ability to solve real-world problems and the pro-activity you’d have gained through the part-time employment. According to a notification issued by the HRD ministry, foreign qualifications which are recognized or equated by the AIU are treated as recognized for the purpose of employment to posts and services under the central government.

5. Last but not the least, ensure to work with the right education finance provider:
Typically education finance is a costly option that can have a bearing on the choice of your university as well as course duration. Therefore make sure to choose the best finance provider who can offer hassle free loans for education as well as convenient loan repayment facility.

Overseas education is one of the best investments in terms of finances and time investment. It can lead to a secure and illustrious career by setting students on a path of diligence and the most apt educational experience / academic qualifications that makes them future ready. Most large, private companies with an international outlook accept international degrees and, in some cases, even attach a premium to candidates with such degrees. They also hire candidates for skill sets that are generally new to India such as latest products and technologies associated around the same. Subject-knowledge related to the job thus ranks amongst the most important skill desired by the companies and candidates can look forward to such opportunities.
Remember to polish up on your industry knowledge and try the internship route to offer your prospective employers a glimpse of the skills you’ve acquired through your international degree. Best of luck in your job prospects!

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