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GMAT Preparation

If you plan to pursue an MBA degree, then one of the biggest challenges you will have to overcome is the GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test. This entrance exam determines how qualified you are to pursue an MBA degree and is especially relevant for those who wish to study abroad. To help you sail through this exam with ease, we have come up with a handy study guide for the GMAT examination. Let’s go through it.

How long should one take to prepare for the GMAT? 

Ideally, a dedicated student takes around 2-3 months to prepare for this exam. However, one needs to make sure that they are solving at least one section each day. Keeping the 2-3 months’ time frame in mind, let’s see what should be your focus for each week.

First week 

During the first week, brush up your basics, especially when it comes to the Quant section. Review your existing knowledge of the formulas and fundamentals that you will be covering. This is also a good time to initiate some productive habits. Prepare a timetable. Set a routine. Try reading a business newspaper on a daily basis to get habituated with essential jargon and terms and stay up-to-date. Think of your future goals such as an MBA degree, a lucrative career, and your wish to study abroad as these will motivate you to study harder.

Second and Third week

Instead of beginning with a complete section, we suggest you focus on each question at a time. Forget the worry of hopping over to the next question; instead, ensure that your understanding of the question at hand is complete. If you have even the slightest of doubts, do not hesitate to take it up with a guide you have or your preferred search engine.

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Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Week 

By now, you may have cleared all your initial doubts. You can begin practicing complete sections now. Try to go through an entire section in a day, with a focus on the Verbal and Quant sections. It is also the time to begin the GMAT mock tests and sample papers.

Seventh and Eighth week 

The last two weeks before the exam are the most important. If there is any topic that you have been delaying, then it is time to confront it now. Go through all the mistakes you have made in your mock tests till now and try to solve them. Avoid cramming too many topics at the last moment as this will end up making you even more confused.

Where can one access study material for GMAT exams? 

The internet is a helpful place. You will find this to be true when you search for source materials for GMAT exams. There are plenty of mock tests, practice questions, previous years’ papers, and solution textbooks – all available for free. You can also buy second-hand books from your neighborhood stores.

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