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April 3, 2019
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August 28, 2014
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A group discussion is a technique that is used by most educational institutes to test the communication skills of the participant. Group discussions are mainly used to assess the confidence, listening skills, and social skills of the applicant. Communication skills are of utmost importance. Therefore, educational institutes are taking group discussions more seriously and making them an integral part of the interview process. The first impression is often the most important aspect of the interview process. Group discussions are like a strainer, separating the water from the pasta. We know how stressful these situations can be and sometimes, it is difficult to put your points forward in front of a bunch of other applicants. Therefore, we have mapped out a few tips that will help you ace the group discussion and create an unforgettable impression on the interviewer!

  • Start the conversation!

Yes it is incredibly nerve-racking to be the first one to start talking, but that is what will make you stand out. You don’t necessarily have to speak about the topic at hand. Just introduce yourself and the topic to get the discussion going.

  • Try to relax and be yourself.

There is no point trying to be something you are not, the observers of the group discussion will definitely notice if you try to be fake. Relax and be yourself and wear formal attire. You will do much better during the time of the discussion if you take deep breaths; collect your thoughts in an organized manner, do not cut someone off, or raise your voice. Remember to not be too controlling, let the others also put their points across.

  • Listen to everyone’s points.

Remember! It is called a group discussion for a reason. You can’t just put your own points forward and neglect everyone else’s. The group discussion observers will be keeping a track of how you respond to the points of other participants. Listen carefully to their points, try to think of how you could respond to them, take notes and quote them when you are speaking to show that you were listening attentively.

  • Stay Positive


  • Stay positive and proactive.

When it comes to a group discussion, there are often more than 5 people sitting in one room, with different opinions and viewpoints. Even if there is a conflict in opinion, remember to stay positive. Do not give up just because the discussion isn’t going exactly the way you wanted it to go. Keep coming up with points that are positive in nature. Try to get everyone included in the discussion and gently remind anyone who is dominating the conversation to take a step back and let others speak.





  • Learn when to conclude the discussion.

A group discussion is not a debate that needs to go on for hours. Even if you don’t start the discussion, try concluding it when it gets repetitive. Listen, remember what the other participants have said, and conclude it graciously. That proves to the observers that you have been actively listening and registering the points in your mind.

We hope these tips help you during your group discussion. Remember to not stress too much, remain calm and carry on! Good luck!

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