us student visa
Applying for US student visa- Things you should know
August 28, 2014
us student visa
Applying for US student visa- Things you should know
August 28, 2014
why study in ireland

Ireland is one of the popular study destinations in Europe.  If you are interested in studying in an English speaking country but not necessarily in UK then Ireland is one of the destinations you should consider. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons which makes Ireland an exciting study abroad option for you.

Top 10 reasons to study in Ireland

  1. Ireland is an English speaking country and you may also get an opportunity to learn Irish which is one of the native languages spoken in the country.
  2. Ireland is blessed by nature and if you are a nature loving or an outdoors person then Ireland has much to offer. You can find varying landscapes and pristine coastlines in Ireland.  Magnificent sea cliffs, vast limestone grasslands, beautiful mountain ranges and majestic waterfalls are some of the natural landscapes worth exploring while staying in Ireland.
  3. Like the UK, Ireland also has an enduring history of offering quality education to international students. Ireland is home to several reputed institutes such as Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University of Dublin, Cork institute of Technology and University of Limerick which are recognized and respected worldwide for imparting quality education.
  4. Ireland has dynamic and young population—40% of its population is under 25 which makes it’s a popular Study abroad destination for international students.
  5.  Cost of living in Ireland is lower than most other European countries which means that accommodation and other related expenses will be comparatively less for international students.
  6. Ireland is one of the safest countries for International students. The country is ranked at 13th position in the Global Peace Index 2014 results.
  7. Ireland is a multi-cultural country and foreign nationals account for 10% of its population. International students are highly welcomed by the Irish community due to their contributions to the development of the society.
  8. The climate of Ireland is moist, mild and pleasant throughout the year without any temperature extremes. Ireland has mild winters, warm summers and the majority of the country remains ice-free during winter.
  9. Ireland has a developed democracy that consistently works to strengthen its education system. Irish schools are considered to be the best in the world and Ireland education system is ranked 18th in the higher education category.
  10. Majority of Irish universities and educational institutions offer scholarships to Indian students at all higher education levels.  Leading Irish universities are participants in the “The Government of Ireland Scholarships for Indian students”. Many individual universities also offer scholarships to Indian students.

Cost of studying in Ireland

Tuition fees depend on factors such as the university and program you choose.  The estimated tuition fees for various disciplines are as follows.

  • Engineering – €9,100 – €20,300
  • Medicine and related – €31,000 – €49,135
  • Science and Technology – €9,100 – €16,500
  • Business – €9,000 – €15,500
  • Arts and Humanities – €9,000 – €15,500

The figures presented here are only indicative and you need to check with the university to know the exact tuition fees for the programs that interest you.

Studying in Ireland is less costly than studying in London. The living cost includes accommodation costs, food expenses, textbooks, and other living expenses. Accommodation costs generally depend on the type of accommodation you choose such as

  • On-campus catered – € 1085 per month
  • On-campus non-catered – € 765 per month
  • Off-campus  own apartment – € 700 per month
  • Off-campus  shared apartment – € 400 per month

If you are living in an apartment, you need to also pay for the electricity and Internet.  Food expenses per month can go up to € 300 per month while other living expenses can be around € 250 per month. The living costs in Dublin (capital of Ireland) are slightly higher than living costs in other parts of Ireland.


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