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Education Loan Process

Our application process is as smooth as butter. It's fast, transparent and hassle-free, covering all your expenses right from entrance exam fees to your books!

Step 1

Call the Avanse
Toll free 1800-266-0200

Reach us online

Loan counselling in person or via phone

Step 2

Completely fill the Loan application form

Collate all necessary documents as per the given checklist

Ask for document pick-up facility and hand over documents

Step 3

Easy & hassle-free loan sanctions

Sanctions the loan in 4 days*

Loan Sanction confirmation via sms/email

Step 4

Disbursement of tuition fees & living expenses

Celebrate with family & friends

Pursue your dreams

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Why Everyone is happy with Avanse

Because we are Pro-Future, Pro-You

We understand the academic universe and the fact that each loan requirement is unique and complex. Avanse has funded over 2,000 students to 36 different countries and over 100 universities across India and the world. Universities and consultant bodies admire us, prefer us and recommend us, as do a rapidly growing population of satisfied Avanse customers. Avanse Education Loans supports not only the total cost of your education but also your living expenses, your travel and all subsidiary fees. Taking a loan from Avanse to fund your education actually minimizes all the cumbersome loan processes, that one can be subjected to, and is extended to you right at your doorstep. An Avanse loan is pro-you. Perhaps that is why an Avanse Education loan is the preferred loan parents, consultants as well as universities look up to. The benefits are:


  • Avanse’s education loan is one of the most comprehensive loans you can avail of. Tailor-made to suit the needs of Indian students, it has been fitted keeping in mind that each course as well as country has its own unique requirements.
  • Avanse education loan is 100% complete and no margin money is required.
  • Your child can avail of the best in education the world over, without compromising on anything. Our Avanse team of experts will ensure that your loan amount can be fast-tracked to as few as four days and that you may not even have to visit our centre for that.
  • We extend the repayment tenure as long as 120 months and we also extend loans based on your Repayment Track Record (RTR).


  • Avanse offers flexible education loans with the quantum of loan as high as INR 1 crore. Flexible collateral security, Balance Transfer options with multiple benefits and more than one co-applicant are some of our features that make an Avanse Education Loan an Ed-vatange.
  • Avanse is a non-banking, new age education finance company created to fulfill the need to finance education at reasonable, simple and flexible terms.
  • Our loans take into account that course fees may alter or student needs may increase. We reduce student repayment pressure by offering flexible repayment and longer tenure.
  • Avanse offers preferential interest rate to meritorious students. Students planning to study in the US, based on the GRE scores of 295 or more, also receive unsecured loans of up to INR 25 lac.


  • Avanse is a preferred loan provider because our loans are hassle-free and transparent. All our procedures are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • We provide customized solutions and 100% education-finance to Indians, no matter which course they choose and where they choose to study. We reach out to students, hand-hold them through processes, thus encourage and mentoring them
  • Avanse allow for multi co-borrowers, across multi-cities.
  • Bridge Loans that cover all education expenses including prep classes, entrance exams, application fees, course fees, books, computers; pre-visa disbursement loans and pre-admission loans—are just some of the reasons why education consultants recommend Avanse loans.




An Avanse Education Loan is: Pro-student, Pro-parent, Pro-University, Pro-Future. An Avanse loan is PRO-YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the ROI change during the period of my course?

Q. Does Avanse fund for admission acquired through payment seats?

Q. Can the applicant transfer his/her existing student loan to Avanse?

Answer :
Yes it may change. Avanse offers loans at floating rates, which may change depending on the external economic conditions and internal company policies.