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April 17, 2017
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Applying for US student visa- Things you should know
August 28, 2014



Most important aspect in student application process is the visa interview. There are many students who face a major hurdle in the visa interview process. The questions they pose during this process are to the point and precise and expect answers in the same fashion. Here are a few things to keep in mind before going ahead with the process.

Create a good impression:

Wear neat business formals, hair neat and tidy, for guys well maintained beards or a clean shave should be adequate.

Be confident:

While answering all the questions be confident and spontaneous. Read up on all possible articles that are available on visa interviews and questions asked during the process, it could be of great help

Keep all documentation ready :

Keep all documentation arranged appropriately in line so that it could be easily accessible when asked for. Sticky notes on the file could help you finding the documents in the folder

Keep all your financial documentation history:

To complete your application it would be required to produce certain financial documentations to prove that you’re financial worthy to fund your education and also take care of yourself abroad. Keep your banking statements and your proof of funds all handy so that it could be shown if asked

Do not sound like a potential immigrant:

Portraying your goals appropriately in front of the interviewer is very important. Even if you have intentions of staying back in the country you are going, never portray that in the interview process it might go against you. Be crisp about you wanting to pursue education in their country as it could be a great experience learning different cultures and traditions and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to achieve success.