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Keep Calm and Study in Canada!

Canada ranks amongst the top countries globally to live in for factors like health, life expectancy, standard of living and above all, access to high quality education. According to estimates, around 1/7 international students in Canada are from India ranking behind only China. Statistics from the Institute of International Education (IIE) indicate that Canada is home to over 263,800 international students from across the globe.

No wonder it is rapidly emerging as one of the preferred destinations for Indian students as they choose the nation to escape from escalating costs in the US and UK. India has traditionally been a priority market for Canada. The association of Canadian universities has played a key role in accentuating the international education strategy of the Canadian government thus prompting the dedication towards the diverse approach to international education including joint academic programs and research. Most recently, Canada’s government has announced new immigration measures that are likely to prove beneficial to international students in the country.

So what’s happening and is it beneficial for you?

Beginning November 18, 2016, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada department has outlined changes to the Express Entry program. This will enhance the process of granting permanent residency to highly skilled immigrants and students who graduate from Canadian institutions.

These changes thus are part of a number of measures taken by the government to bring about more fair and responsive immigration system to address evolving needs and ensure long-term economic growth for the middle class. International students will now have more opportunities for work in the country post studies. The revamped Express Entry system will offer awarding points who have secured a post-graduate, diploma or certificate in Canada. Additionally, students will be allotted more time to submit their application for permanent residency post receiving the invitation to apply from the Canadian government.

The main idea behind the change has been to attract high-quality and skilled immigrants that can help build the society and strengthen the economy. There are also plans underway to invite more foreign students of high caliber to apply for the fast track permanent residence application process. Many international students have been requesting with the current government to ease the norms and secure extra points for post-secondary credentials. One of the new rules being debated in the parliament including counting half of the time a foreign student spends in Canada (subject to a year) towards adding to the citizen residence qualifications.

The Express Entry is an electronic immigration system involving Canadian employers, federal government and provincial governments. It ranks and scores applicants based on factors including age, work experience, language ability, and education level. To apply for the Express Entry, applicant must have been working in the country for at least a year. It is a selection method obtained for Canadian immigration designed to select skilled workers for immigration to the country.

With these changes more international students will be able to transition to permanent residence using the Express Entry system considering their age, education, skills and experience. It is also expected that the new system will reduce lead times for family reunification. The government is also planning to introduce further enhancements to the policy to bring about a more fair and responsive immigration system addressing emerging needs attracting highly skilled immigrants to the nation.

With varied diversity, international students can be rest assured of the following in Canada:

  • Excellent standard of living and the chance to learn on the go as well as exciting offers post completion of MBA studies. In fact most students find it easier to stay and work in Canada after completion of their MBA
  • Canada’s post-secondary campuses aren’t only equipped with the latest and state of the art technology tools, but also offer a multitude of other modern amenities like public concert halls, art galleries, et.al.
  • A chance of living with diverse cultures at affordable rates that doesn’t burn through a hole in their pockets

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