Indian women play many roles in our society. They have repeatedly proven their prowess in all sectors and they undoubtedly are an integral part of the economy. We understand that the roles they undertake, often lead them to take a break from their professional lives. Getting themselves back to the corporate life may prove to be a challenging task for them.

We at Avanse offer exciting opportunities to help them restart their career.

Women Corporate Work
Women with 3+ Years of Corporate Work Experience AND AT PRESENT ON A BREAK SINCE 6 MONTHS OR ABOVE
projects sales
projects in sales, credit, operations, IT, finance and human resources
Project duration
Project duration ranges upto 6 months
Flexible  Working  hours
Flexible Working hours
Mumbai HQ
Based out of Mumbai HQ
project based stipend

To Apply, Send your CV at weinnings@avanse.com


  • Who can Apply?
    Women with previous professional experience of at least three years and who are on a continuous career break of 6 months or above.

  • How to Apply?
    To apply, please send your resume with the project code to weinnings@avanse.com

  • Project Duration and Type:
    Projects will be live business projects and duration can range upto 6 months.

  • Location:
    The projects currently listed are based out of the HQ in Andheri, Mumbai.

  • Compensation & Working Hours:
    Compensation will depend on the duration of the projects, nature of projects and relevant work experience. Working hours will be mutually decided between the applicant and the reporting manager.

  • Project Mentor and Buddy:
    Your mentor will be the sponsor as well as your guide during the project. You will also be assigned a buddy to help you channel through the project.