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Festive Greetings to our promising students!

This year, Diwali brings a new hope, a new path illuminated by the #LightofEducation. In this light, we’re pleased to bring you a present that could brighten your future – A sanction on your Education Financing requirements.

This is will enable you to become future ready. Take your first step today, apply for an education loan and get your sanction letter.

The Features
Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Loan up to ₹45 lacs; up to ₹75 for select universities

Digital Process

User Friendly Digital Process with Minimum Documentation

100% financing

Up to 100% financing - Covers holistic cost of education

Flexible Repayment

Flexible Repayment Options

hortest TAT

Shortest TAT to sanction

Highest loan amount

Highest loan amount

180 days validity

180 days validity of your sanction letter

Bridge Loan
Covers the costs of Test Preps, Consultant Fees, Admission Applications, your Course Fees, Living Expenses & more.
Pre-Admission Loan
Pre-Admission Loan
Pre-Admission Loan
Help students to obtain a confirmation of their Admission abroad, by showing Proof of Funds
Pre-Visa Disbursement Loan
Pre-Visa Disbursement Loan
Pre-Visa Disbursement Loan
Help students to secure their I-20 (USA)/Visa as well as obtain a confirmation of their Admission to an Institute/University abroad
Pre-Visa Disbursement Loan
Pre-Visa Disbursement Loan
Certificate of Availability of Funds
This will prove you have sufficient funds for the tuition fees and your stay in the USA

The AVANSE Advantage

100% Education Finance No Margin Money
Unsecured/Secured Loan Options (Unsecured loan upto 50 lacs*)
1 Day* Loan
Attractive Interest Rates to Preferred Universities & Courses
Country Specific Loan Product
Multiple Co-borrower Accepted For Higher Loan Eligibility
Let your dreams take wing with AVANSE - the smart study abroad loan. Whatever be your financial situation or status of admission, don't compromise your goals or hesitate about taking a decision to better your future. Come to AVANSE and we will find a solution to make your dream take shape.

Funded 15000+ students, 2000 institutes across 45 countries.
Do You Want To Be The Next?

"When most banks were taking time and asking for multiple documents, representatives from Avanse came home to finish the documentation and sanctioned the loan in less than 10 days."


Ayman Aslam

“I have been quite delighted with the support I got from Avanse. The process and escalation matrix is so well placed that my queries/concerns were addressed within 2 days. ”


Sparsh Sharma

“The best part about Avanse is their door step service. The person collected all the documents and handed me the sanction letter. ”


Rushi Sethi

“When we approached Avanse, the process was explained to me and my parents with utmost honesty and professionalism. The application was transparent and crystal clear.”


Priyanka Gayen

“It was indeed a great experience with Avanse. The service was excellent and the loan process was very smooth. ”


Yash Rasaikan

“I am a single mother working as teacher. Initially, I really struggled to get educational loan from other renowned banks for a huge amount with my single salary. ”


Sujatha Kasula(Mother)