us student visa
Applying for US student visa- Things you should know
August 28, 2014
us student visa
Applying for US student visa- Things you should know
August 28, 2014
why study in ireland

The students from India have traditionally traveled to the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia to avail of their excellent education facilities. However, with increasing global exposure of Indian students, new countries have come up with interesting study centers. Ireland, UK’s neighboring country is fast rising as a viable and fruitful option for this new crop of students. In this article, we’ll see reasons why studying in Ireland is an option every student aspiring to stay abroad should look into and details on the tuition fees per year for various courses:


An overwhelming majority (about 99%) of Ireland’s population understands and speaks English. This means the Indian students able to speak in English will not have to go through the efforts required to learn a foreign language.


The universities in Ireland offer a variety of courses in Undergraduate and Post-Graduate programs ranging from Technology, Humanities, Medicine, and Agriculture.

Study with Work:

Ireland’s government allows Indian students and other foreign students to work part-time (max: 20 hours in a week and 40 hours during holidays) to allow them to support themselves while studying.


There are various scholarship programs for Indian students in Ireland with major universities of Ireland like Dublin University, Trinity University and Maynooth University offering scholarships to deserving students.


Ireland has been ranked 12th among 163 countries in 2019 Global Peace Index, making it one of the safest places on earth for foreign nationals.


Ireland has a rich culture of literature, music, poetry, and art giving ample opportunity for students to relax themselves and broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons.

Affordable Cost of Living: 

The cost of living in Ireland can vary from € 10,000 to € 15,000 per year, depending on the city you choose to live in, a majority of which can be covered through part-time work as Ireland has the highest per month wage in the Euro Zone.


The climate in Ireland is moist, mild with average yearly temperature about 500 F (100 Celsius), far warmer than other North-American and European countries, which is suitable for people in the Indian sub-continent.

Population Demographics:

The median age of people in Ireland is projected at 38.2 in 2020, which makes it a great place for students to live and study in.

The tuition fees for various undergraduate courses in Irish universities according to the Irish government organization Education in Ireland is estimated as follows:

Medicine and related subjects: € 45,000 – € 54,135

Engineering, Science, and Technology: € 9,950 – € 24,958

Business, Arts and Humanities: € 9,750 – € 22,000

If you’ve been thinking about flying out to Ireland to pursue your dreams, you are indeed making a wise choice. You will get exposure to a new culture, get the quality education you aspire for and open up new avenues for your yourself. We hope this article has been helpful, good luck and all the best!

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