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Why do an MBA? Is it worth it?

A lot of people, be it a student who has just completed graduation or an employee stuck in a job, have thought about pursuing an MBA. It is a lucrative course that does have a lot of scope. The reason a lot of people look to go for an MBA is that this management program gives a huge boost to their career in terms of growth, job promotion and salary package. However is it that simple? In this article, we will aim to point out all the prevalent rumors about MBA, which will help you decide whether an MBA is really worth pursuing.

Overview –

An MBA is one of the most well-known degrees in our country. The average salary that is offered at the top 10 business schools in 2018 was Rs.12 Lakhs per annum. An applicant should be aware of the various MBA entrance tests that are counted for admissions. The most common tests are CAT, SNAP, XAT, NMAT, and more.

There are a lot of different areas for the students to specialize in. These are Accounting, Financing, Human Resources, Operations Management, etc. The first year of the course however usually includes general management, with the specializations being an option in the second year. Along with the general MBA courses, there are some institutes that offer specialized courses like MBA HR and MBA IB.

An MBA could be worth pursuing for some, while not for others. Let us study both cases, the first being when it is worth pursuing, and the second where it isn’t.

Why is pursuing this degree worth it?

This course provides core knowledge of the field of business while developing skills that are required for the business. As it is a general management course, it opens the doors to a lot of avenues, which gives the students a world of opportunities to explore. Another main feature of this program is the excellent network that it provides. The Alumni, Faculty, and classmates, all become part of your networking circle. If the student completes his/her degree from a top institute, it adds a very good reputation to their profile.

It provides an ideal platform for you as a student to showcase your skills and knowledge with like-minded people from the same background. An MBA is useful for people who are either looking for a career change or to get promoted and grow in the same career they are in.

When is it not worth pursuing?

An MBA is a very useful degree to have, but not if you are doing it with no direction in mind. If you are not sure about which field you are getting into and just doing it in the hopes of finding the answer along the way, it is absolutely not advisable for you to pursue this degree. If you are thinking of just getting an MBA from any institute which has little or no credibility, then it is not worth it, as an MBA only has any value if you have done it from a reputed institute.

Conclusion –

In the end, it is the individual’s choice as to whether he/she feels the degree is worth pursuing or not. This degree requires a lot of money, time and effort, so before applying anywhere, make a sound decision of what you actually want to do. We hope the information provided helped you in making up your mind, all the best!

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