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What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The learning process focuses on integrating all the aspects instead of focusing only on one branch. For instance, as an engineer, you need to have a well-rounded approach that includes all the aspects of STEM. So it is an umbrella term representing several elements that will prepare you for streams like Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Math, Statistics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and more. STEM courses are high in demand and are the perfect choice to fill in when applying for an education loan. In brief, the STEM learning process intends to hone your problem-solving skills, design thinking, critical thinking, and collaboration skills and prepare you for an outstanding career journey.

Transition from STEM to STEAM? Let’s understand what STEAM is all about& the importance of ‘A’ in this program

‘A’ stands for arts in STEAM which creates a holistic approach towards studies. Arts traverses through creativity, humanities, liberal arts, fine arts, music, drama, debate, social sciences, innovations, and more. Did you know Steve Jobs at the launch of iPad 2, emphasized this aspect and credited the synergy of liberal arts, humanities, and technology for shaping Apple’s success? His love for art found expression in the form of interesting typography that has now become an integral part of Apple.

Although STEAM learning was introduced in 2006, it is trending now because of the recent STEM to STEAM movement that was led by John Maeda, a former President at Rhode Island School of Design. Interestingly, he is also an artist, computer scientist, and graphic designer who moved his career trajectory towards academics. Exposure to a large amount of data, technological innovation, and the Internet of things is directing us towards the need to embrace creative design thinking. Hence, the education system needs to develop a comprehensive learning process that fosters interdisciplinary learning. This movement has brought a great deal of importance to arts, creativity, and innovation to be added to the mainstream education system. And this transformation suggests that arts is just as critical as other aspects like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and hence, must be integrated into the learning process.

Some of the courses that you can pursue under Art & Creative Technology

If you gain a holistic view of the STEAM learning process, you can pursue some super interesting courses. Take a look at some of the fascinating courses offered under Art & Creative Technology.

• Sound design

• Music retrieval

• Cinematic storytelling

• Digital fabrication and Technical design

• Modern music technology

• Camera essentials

• Sound production

Why is STEAM trending now?

This era of technology, innovations, and the constant need to be future-ready has pushed the boundaries of the learning process to accept arts as an integral part of an education system. With one foot in the 21stcentury that requires skills like creativity, collaboration, problem solving and communication, we are ready to set the second foot in the 22nd century that demands skills like connection, care, community, and culture. The road to success in the present and the future connects all the facets of STEAM together. Hence, several stakeholders right from faculty to students and from parents to academic institutions have recognized the need of the hour. Althoughpandemic had created a roadblock in the education system including STEAM education, at the outset of it; Ed-tech companies quickly delivered a solution by introducing remote learning.

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Here’s a quick fun fact for you – Did you know, Leah Heiss, a designer, and an artist is closely working with nanotechnology to develop jewellery for diabetics to help them administer insulin. This a perfect amalgamation of art, design, and technology.

Benefits of STEAM Education
Holistic approach:

The holistic approach of STEAM is designed to encourage well-rounded development. The introduction of all the five elements will help you embrace Math just like you would love to learn Arts or any other element from STEAM.

Additional Skills:

While STEM teaches deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and problem-solving, STEAM adds value to your learning process by developing other skills that are imperative to tackle real-world problems.

Creative thinking:

It triggers out-of-the-box thinking by tapping into the creative side of you which in return helps you approach the tasks differently.


If you are equally good at all the aspects including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, it will definitely boost your confidence and change the approach towards your studies.


With the STEAM learning process, you will have multiple access points that will be effectively designed to hone your skills and encourage a multi-faceted personality. So, you will have a better grasp of your career opportunities right from the start of your academic journey instead of you having to suddenly make career choices after graduation.

STEAM courses require dedication and discipline, amongst other things. Opting for a student loan from a reliable lender will ensure to a great extent that your finances are taken care of. This ensures that you can focus on your studies fully. Therefore, while opting for a student loan, make sure to do adequate research and opt for only the best.

To summarize, STEAM offers a holistic approach towards studies, leading to overall development. It encourages you to be both a problem solver and a creative thinker. The suppressed form of arts that is now a driving force in the contemporary setup is leading to several breakthroughs right from technology to communications and from science to engineering and beyond. There indeed is Art in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math that will now create a difference in the education system through STEAM learning.

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