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March 1, 2016
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Masters in Digital Marketing

We live in a digitalized era. With a click of a button, we can buy what we want, from wherever we desire. With such technological advancements, future of marketing is increasingly focused on the digital realm. Even the marketing strategies have evolved to suit the business needs and thus came digital marketing into picture. So what exactly is digital marketing? Traditionally, digital marketing has been defined as the process of building and maintaining customer relations through online activities to facilitate exchange of ideas, products and services that satisfy goals of both parties. Or simply let’s put it, digital marketing is all tasks related to marketing but on electronic media. Digital marketers are in high-demand these days with businesses realising the potential of digital marketing.

So, through this blog I am going to focus on what exactly is digital marketing and how could you pursue it as a career?
So, Digital Marketing or popularly called e-commerce marketing or online marketing involves the promotions of products or brands via online channels. This is carried out through the digital technologies with a major focus on the Internet but it also includes mobile marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, online PR activities and display advertising.

What does a Digital Marketing professional have to do? Well, he/she has to design strategies to advertise or promote his/her company, brand or product through these various channels. It will require him to plan in advance of how he wants to increase his brand awareness and then formulate strategies for the same. Also, effective digital marketing is not just about creating Facebook posts/ pages and tweets, it includes specialized training in search engine marketing/optimization, data analysis, and emerging digital technologies. Sounds too theoretical? Let’s have a practical look at it? How often do you receive emailers from Amazon or Flipkart? Have you ever noticed that the products you had viewed previously keep finding a way back to you? The website may offer you a discount for that particular product for a limited time. That’s what digital marketing is all about- the marketers keep a track of every activity you are performing online- be it your Google searches or your social media connections. Very often you might have noticed a random Amazon or Flipkart ad with the same products you were viewing now finding a way on your google searches. So, in short a digital marketer is required to find a way of turning his potential customers into actual customers.

Recent Statistics indicate opening up of 1.5 Lakh jobs for digital marketing professionals in 2016 and will increase many more times in the near future. Most students opt for digital marketing courses after their graduation. Courses in this field include a Master’s in Digital marketing with many universities even offering Diploma and Google Certificate courses. A Master’s program is either an MBA with concentration in Digital Marketing or a M.Sc. in the same. Usually Certificate courses which are usually pursued by industry professionals not only add weightage and value to your C.V but also enhance their skills. Universities offer basic and part time courses as well as distance learning options for students, making it possible for a large audience to participate in such courses.

Here’s a list for various universities in India and abroad education that provide digital marketing courses:


Google AdWords Certification Certificate Course in Digital Marketing
Manipal University – Pro Learn Certificate Course in Digital Marketing
Digital Vidya Certified Digital Marketing Maters Course
Digital Academy India Certification Program in Digital Marketing


Santa Clara University, California MBA, Concentration in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
University of Denver, Colorado MS in Digital Marketing
University of South Wales, UK MS in Digital Marketing, MA in Digital Marketing
Nottingham Business School, UK M.Sc. Digital Marketing Course
Rutgers University, New Jersey Mini-MBA: Digital Marketing
Australian College of Marketing Diploma in Digital Marketing

With increasing number of students applying for job interviews, it is one such skill that can give some students an edge over others. In today’s global scenario, many companies expect applicants to have these skills imbibed in them, for it is such destructive innovations that are tomorrow’s market drivers.


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