Welcoming The Festive Season With Zeal, Enthusiasm & Positivity

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A lot of people in India wait for the festive season throughout the year to celebrate Durga Pooja, Dussehra and Diwali with their near and dear ones. This season which starts around mid-September or first week of October is considered to be the favourite time of the year by most of the people. During this phase, people from across the country meet their families, relatives and friends and completely indulge themselves in the celebration.

But this year things are very different. The outbreak of the pandemic has forced everyone to change the way of celebration. Most of the people prefer staying indoors and are inclined towards enjoying this festivity with close family only. That’s a part of the new normal.

Despite all the constraints, let’s not lose hope. Since this pandemic is here to stay for some more time, we have to plan our lives and way forward taking this scenario into consideration. There could not have been a better time to welcome the festive positivity and remove all the negativity created by the pandemic.

Higher education

A lot of you might be worried about the economy, academic career, professional career, health and many more. But when you analyse the current situation, you will realize that gradually things are moving towards a positive light. For instance, consumer demand has gone through a major transformation as people are inclined towards spending only on essential items. But with the onset of the festive season, companies are expecting that there will be an increase in the demand and things are going to normalize within a year or two.

Meanwhile, recently, few sectors such as power, auto, passenger vehicles are showing signs of revival in India after government eased lockdown restrictions. Though a sharp and quick economic revival is not expected, yet experts are positive that a slow and steady uptick will be witnessed by a lot of sectors. Currently, the government, regulatory bodies, corporates are all focused on getting the economy’s growth back on track as each of us are steadily moving from one phase to the other.

It is time to sit down and re-think, re-imagine and re-design the plans that we all had prior to the pandemic. All the students who are worried about your academic plans, calm yourself down and judiciously utilize this positive festive season to re-start planning afresh all your educational aspirations. As we entered into this season, we have received the good news that different countries are opening up to welcome international students to pursue their studies.

France is one of the first countries to have opened up its borders to Indian students for the coming academic year in fall. Other countries such as New Zealand, Sweden are welcoming Indian students and have witnessed significant growth in interest from the international aspirants. Many colleges in countries like Canada, the UK, the USA have shifted to a hybrid module of teaching so that students can start the initial semester online and soon shift to in-person module as soon as travel restrictions are suspended.

The professionals who have been going through the uncertainties of this crisis, there is a good news for you too. As the lockdown restrictions are being eased out, companies are working on various business strategies to up their game as soon as possible. They will be looking a different sets of talents in individuals who will help them fasten their growth process.

Hence, this is the right moment to understand these skills which will bridge the gap and up-skill yourself accordingly to suit the need of the hour. During this festive season, take a pledge for yourself and grab every opportunity that come your way. Each one of us should remember that ‘in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity’ and we should never waste a crisis.

Amidst all these, please do not forget to enjoy yourself. Let the festive positivity enlighten your lives and fill it with growth opportunities. While spending time with your near and dear ones, do not forget to take necessary safety precautions. It is okay to greet everyone around you but it has to be a ‘Namaste’ and not a handshake or a hug. Social distancing is a must. A responsible you will lead to a safer surrounding.

Wish you a very Happy Diwali! Stay safe and positive! Good luck!

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