Interesting Activities To Do Post Working Hours To Enrich Yourself

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enrich yourself

Most of us are used to do the same kind of work every day. For instance, wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, have breakfast, attend online classes in case of students or login for work in case of professionals, post completion of work you either watch TV, have dinner and go off to sleep. This is usually the routine that we follow. Few may say that we work out prior to logging in or make lunch during lunch break.

Excellent! We should focus on investing time in doing things that we like to do and which will ultimately give us an enriching experience at the end of the day. Rejuvenating yourself is important before you start feeling bored or days start becoming mundane. Especially, when most of us are working from home or attending classes online, we end up spending full day sitting at home and are unable to meet our friends and colleagues. We all know that this phase is here to stay for some more time and thus, we need to focus on activities which will help us enrich ourselves.

Read a book

A lot us take recommendations from our friends on interesting books, buy them to read and then happily keep it on our book shelves only to read it later during free time. Unfortunately, this free time never arrives due to every day hustle of our lives. If you try to gauge the positive side of this pandemic, you will realize that it has given us one of the greatest gifts, which is ‘TIME’. Since you don’t travel to school, college or office, you are saving a lot of your travel time. Hence, this is the perfect moment to go back to that book shelf of yours and take out those books which you have been intending to read for a very long time.

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Take an online course to up-skill yourself

Since you have some extra time in hand, why not learn a new skill online? Skills like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain are widely adopted by almost every known industry to gain a competitive advantage. You can utilize this time to acquire a hard or soft skill which will help you stay ahead of the curve. There are plenty of e-learning platforms which offer such courses online. Hence, accessibility is not an issue.

Go for an evening stroll

Post work/online classes, you should go out for some fresh air. Sitting on that couch for a long time may be a little tiring at times. Now, you may say that you work out every day to keep yourself fit. That is absolutely amazing! But an evening stroll that we are talking about here is a quick and casual relaxation process. Just go out within the premises of your home or your housing society, stretch your hands and legs, breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the scenery around. It will help you rejuvenate yourself and then you can get back to your other work as planned.

Catch up with friends and relatives

The outbreak of the pandemic has compelled us to stay indoors for our own safety. Hence, we are not being able to meet our friends or relatives regularly like before. You should make time to catch up with them via video calls or phone calls to ensure that if are doing well or to share something interesting which currently happening in your life and vice versa. You should also try for some virtual coffee conversations or dinner date with them as that is the new normal way of doing it. Isn’t it? So, till the time situations are brought under control, let’s adapt to these newer ways of enjoying life. What say?

Make dinner for yourself and family

This is an amazing option for all the foodies of the world. A lot of us are used to eating food which is cooked for us either by our mothers or by a chef when we go to a restaurant. Now due to the pandemic, going to a restaurant is not an option. So why not cook some delicious food at home to get the feel of a restaurant. Select your favourite food item, look up for the recipe, check in the kitchen if you have all the ingredients, make dinner for all and surprise your family members.

Pursue a hobby

Due to tight schedules and deadlines, you have always missed out on doing things that you used to when you had time. For instance, reading books or writing short stories/poetry, singing, cooking, drawing/colouring and other such fun-filled activities. The unexpected joy of taking up a new hobby is amazing. Bring some of the past practices back into your life. Binge watch series on OTT platforms or pick up a paintbrush, a sketch pad and tap into your inner Picasso.


Meditation should be a part of your routine. At least 10 minutes of your day should be dedicated for meditation. It is scientifically proven that people who meditate are happier and calmer than the ones who do not do it. It will help you inculcate a sense of self-discipline and improve your work performance. Meditation is a great way to train your mind to be alert. Hence, invest some time for both your physical as well as mental well-being.

We hope that breaking out from you regular work routine will be a good option to rejuvenate yourself and keep boredom away from your life. You should try something new that you wouldn’t have done normally. Since we all are focused on the new normal, why not introduce something new in your life which will become normal for you going forward.

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