How to choose the right course at a German university

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How to choose the right course at a German university

Germany is a great place for further education as it features a lot of great universities that offer a variety of programs for students to pursue. Since the students have such a wide array of choices when it comes to the availability of courses, they should make up their mind as to which course they want to go with, and then search for the university that is best suited for their preferred course. The students could go for a graduate, postgraduate, doctorate or Masters’ degree.
They could choose from the traditional German universities, or the universities of technology, management studies, education, art, music, and film. Here are the ways in which you can choose the right university for your preferred course-

Check the ranking of the university –

There is a general perception that, the highest rank university is always a good option. But you should be aware that you cannot always depend on the general ranking of the university. This is because there are two different types of ranking, i.e. university ranking and department ranking. A university is ranked based on the performance of all its departments. You have to be very particular about which department you are looking to join and compare options based their department ranking.

Check the entrance tests –

Each and every German University follows its own syllabus, setting their own rules regarding the course. They each have their entrance exams. To get into these various courses the students need to submit proof of their previous academic record. A GMAT test is required for some management programs and a GRE for some engineering programs. For programs that use the English language as a means of communication, which is most of them, the TOEFL is the standard test to clear. There are a lot of German universities that provide a one-year preparatory period so as to make the applicants eligible for the course that they want to get into.

The location of the university –

You should do your research about the places in which the universities you are applying to are located. This is because some places in Germany have extreme weather. It is very important to check the climate of the place you are looking to go to, as you should be able to adjust in that climate to live there. Your expenses also will defer depending on the town you would be living in.

Scope of job opportunities –

While researching on various universities, you should also check on what kind of job placements each one is offering. Find out whether they have in-house placements and the organizations that are affiliated with these universities. For those looking to get into research, check which university provides good research opportunities.

We hope this article has helped guide you with useful information in which ways to go about when shortlisting universities. Wish you the very best for your future, and may you get into the university of your dreams!

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