Going Abroad To Study? Remember To Carry These Important Things

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Going abroad to study? Remember to carry these important things

You have been accepted into a university abroad and are super excited about it. Naturally, you are nervously counting down the days before you’ll be off to live a whole new life. Among all the excitement, you will also realize that since you are going to be on your own, you will need to be prepared and organized in order to take of yourself. Do not worry; we aim to make your life simpler by providing a list of all the essential things you need to carry along.


Your packing would majorly depend on the place you will be living in. Crop tops and shorts would not be such a wonderful idea for a place like Iceland, and hence the first step would be to find out a little more about the climate of the region you are going to. Besides for the actual climate, one must also keep in mind the cultural atmosphere of the place. You do not want to wear something that will offend the sentiments of the locals. Be sure to carry things that are accepted by the people of that place.


Different countries have different power outlets. Some have square plug-points, some have slanting plug-points and some have 3-point plug-points. Therefore, it is important to pack a universal adapter to ensure you can charge your gadgets. It’s advisable to carry a portable power bank as well. And lastly, do not forget to pack the charges for your laptop & mobile – you’ll be surprised how many students forget these items in a hurry to get to the airport or due to last-minute packing.

Important documents-

It goes without saying that you will be your Passport and Visa (if required). Carry some sort of identification such as your driving license, which also is required if you plan to drive whilst abroadRemember to also make and carry copies of these documents as well, just in case.


If you have any medication, remember to pack an extra course or two in case you do not find the same medicines abroad. If your medicines require a prescription, remember to get one from a doctor before you leave to avoid being denied by the pharmacist in a time of need.

Pack according to the airline’s guidelines-

Each airline has different rules regarding baggage requirements. Make sure you do not exceed the limit and incur fines, especially if you could have done without the extra luggage. Usually, international airlines have a limit of 25 kilograms for your check-in luggage and an additional 7 or 15 kilograms in-hand. However, each airline is different and you need to carefully crosscheck before you leave your home.

Following this list should be enough to cover the basic stuff to pack your bag, in addition to that would depend on the place that you will be traveling to. You can make use of a portable luggage scale to ensure your luggage does not exceed the limit. Be certain to put a small lock on the zippers of your suitcases/bags. Hope this article eases your process of packing, all the best for your future!

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