Everything you need to know about Ivy League Universities

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Everything you need to know about Ivy League Universities

Ambitious students are always on the lookout to get admission in the top universities in order to get the best education. Speaking of the best universities, what better than the Ivy League, which is the best of the lot. There are 8 Ivy League Universities in the America. These places of study are home to some of the most renowned intellectuals from all over the world.

Here’s some details about these Ivy League Universities:

The 8 universities are Princeton University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Brown University, Yale University, Cornell University, and Harvard University. These are the top places of study in the fields of Business, Medicine, Law, and Engineering.

Everything you need to know about Ivy League UniversitiesEverything you need to know about Ivy League Universities

The alumni of Ivy League colleges often go on to become Nobel prize winners, leaders in business and even heads of state. In fact, many former US presidents have been students of Ivy League colleges.

Points to keep in mind when applying to an Ivy League College

Admission policy

Ivy League colleges have very strict admission policies. As we know Ivy League is considered to be exclusive, as it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get into these universities. These universities accept the very best of students, so if you have dreams of making it in one of these universities, make sure you get great scores consistently throughout your undergraduate and graduate levels.

Tuition fee

Ivy League universities offer the highest quality of education and students that pass out from such universities garner the highest salaries from some of the world’s best companies. It is obvious that the fees charged for such high-end services would not come easy too.  Anyone looking to get in Ivy League Schools should be prepared to pay anywhere around USD 60,000 or more a year.

Extra-curricular activities

A lot of emphasis is placed on extra-curricular activities so make sure that you mention these too in your application. This includes sports and even social service.

University requirements

All ivy league colleges do not have the same admission requirements so be sure to do your research well as to what test marks will help you apply. This includes your GMAT and so on. Also, do not fall prey to myths that only IB board students stand a chance; any student can get admission provided they can prove it with a consistent record of their academic performance.

Earlier, only students from affluent families made it to Ivy League colleges. However, the situation has changed now with students from all backgrounds gaining admission based purely on merit. This is good news for any applicant.

However do bear in mind that applying to an Ivy League college means a lot of hard work and consistency. This means enduring a lot of sleepless nights as well. All this hard work is however very rewarding, with top companies wanting to employ you after you are done with graduation. So, go for an Ivy League college with the right attitude and will to strive.

Hope this article has helped you, all the best!

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