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February 23, 2015
Studying Abroad

What Studying Abroad taught me about life

My journey to international exposure started in the year 2007.  Having secured admission to the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign (UIUC) for my MS in […]
April 26, 2014
living the student life in an alien country

Things to Know Before Thinking Study in Australia

Ever imagined living the life of an alien before? How would it be to live in a place where no one recognizes you or even speaks […]
February 24, 2014

Gap year: A space to rediscover yourself

While pursuing your higher education dream abroad, when you have a gap year, make sure that you utilize it to the fullest. While you think that […]
February 24, 2014
echoing thoughts of a student across shores3

Echoing thoughts of a student across shores

Four years ago, when Rishab went to the United States of America (USA) to pursue his dream of studying abroad, for most of his friends and […]
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