CAT Results Declared: What Should Your Ideal Next Step Be?

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What should your ideal next step be?

As a common knowledge, once the CAT results are out you are prone to be confused about what to do next. All that time you put in preparing for the exams will shine beneath the stress of ‘what next?’ Being prepared through a portion is what will help you storm through. The following article will provide information to give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Keep your documents together

Once your CAT results are out, there is a good chance that you will have to run to different places to get your documentation in order. It has always been suggested that you keep your documents in order beforehand. If there are documents that need attestation or any other needed corrections, get it done well ahead. Consider keeping all your documents organized in a folder, which avoids the stress of looking for a missing certificate later on, when you already have a lot of other important things to take care of.

Keep track of all application deadlines of different universities

Make sure you are aware of the deadlines of the different colleges so that you can submit your application on time. Keep a checklist at hand so that you avoid faltering in needed documents at the time of application. You can then easily avoid any confusion regarding resubmission. This is where keeping your documents organized comes in handy; everything is then can be done as scheduled.

Be aware of the criteria required by the universities

IIMs take into consideration the candidates’ CAT scores among others. There are more than 20 IIMs in the country, and all have their own criterion which includes your CAT results most of the time. In 2018, there were more than 2 lakh candidates that appeared for CAT examinations. It is very essential for you as a candidate to know all the important requirements of the universities, especially, those that you prefer the most.

The procedure that IIMs follow is usually a two-step process, the first step being the verification of the CAT results, and second is conducting a WAT (Written Ability Test), and then a Personal Interview (PI) before they accept you into their program.

However, some IIMs, especially the newly formed IIMs like in Sirmaur and Jammu, which are both mentored by IIM Lucknow, do not follow the WAT and PI procedure. They count the applicant’s CAT score, review the past academic records, their work experience, and other factors. Seeing that the procedure is not constant, make sure you have a good idea of the procedure along with the requirements.

Prepare for the next stage

The next stage after getting your CAT results would be developing your skillset. As CAT results alone do not guarantee admission into a good university, skills like being able to tackle WAT, PI, Group Discussions, so that you can crack all the interview rounds.

You could always speak to a senior whom you know. Or past candidates of the universities you plan on applying. Through these experiences, you could get a broader idea of the specific criteria by which they accept students in their program.

We hope this article helps you be ready when the results are out, all the best!

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