One of the biggest questions that any study abroad aspirant often finds themselves asking is whether they should take the help of a consultancy service. For the uninitiated, consultancy services help students who wish to study abroadlling in their journey. Some agencies help with the admission applications, others help with the SOP, some with the student loan processes, and so on. Most consultancies offer to help you streamline the entire process. Let’s take a look at the various ways consultancy services help students.

They help you stay one step ahead of others

There are thousands like you who wish to study abroad. Hence, your application process has to be as smooth as possible. It is vital that each piece of information in your application is accurate and written  confidently. Your application should reflect your ability and passion to study in esteemed universities around the world. Consultancy services help you create the perfect application, ensuring that you always stay one step ahead of your  competitors.

They use their experience to guide you in every step

There may be many aspects of planning for foreign education that you may be unfamiliar with, whether it is the comprehensive school fee the institute will charge or the various letters and documents you will have to provide. Having a guide or a counsellor who has helped many other students with their foreign education plans, can be of immense help. They will guide you through each step of the way with their expertise.

They help you shortlist the right courses and institutes

Based on your skills and interests as well as the present scenario, consultancy services provide you with a list of academic courses you canpursue. Moreover, they also equip you with the right knowledge about the best universities where you can pursue these courses.

They assist in finalizing SOPs, LORs, and so on

Once you know which course to pursueand where to pursue it from, you can proceed with  theapplication  process with the right documents. This includes writing a crisp Statement of Purpose, gathering Letters of Recommendation, making a perfectCV, and so on. Consultancy services assist in editing, formatting, and reviewing these required documents.

They provide various other miscellaneous services 

Some consultancy services also help you prepare for your visa interview, advise you on education loans and how to get a reduction on your school fee, give scholarship guidance, and so on. Other aspects such as applying for RA/TA are also covered by some consultancy services.

Do remember that different consultancy services provide different kinds of services and assistance. If you require help with only one aspect of the process, then it would be wiser to opt for an agency that specializes in that.

Many people hesitate to opt for consultancy services due to lack of funding. Did you know that a student loan can also cover such expenses? Yes, Avanse’s education loans are curated to help a student in every part of their journey. So, whether it is your fees for consultancy services or living expenses when you are studying abroad, we have you covered. For more information, reach out to us now and take the next leap towards your study abroad journey.


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