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March 20, 2020
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August 28, 2014

Felt the adrenaline rush when you drove a car on your own, the first time?

Understanding how the accelerator, as well as the brake pedal works, ensures that you could drive safely and go on those long drives with pleasure. Now imagine how much fun it will be when you get to design your first car/ bike or a bicycle if you are particularly nature friendly. Welcome to the world of automobile design where every step towards reaching your own destination is concerned with ensuring that users of the vehicle you designed to reach their destination safely!

What better place to start on your dreams of becoming an ambitious automobile engineer than by completing your studies from a German varsity. Known globally for their research-oriented industries and focus on excellence, German universities set the bar high with their courses related to automobiles and help add meaningful practical experience to your understanding of the world of cars and to your resume too!

As a diverse country with many facets, Germany is surrounded by many other countries to which you can easily travel during weekends (obviously via automobiles) and the Autobahn! For a globe trotter, what makes it easier to communicate in many of the European countries is that German is one of the ten most spoken languages globally.

As the needs of discerning consumers change globally, the demands from the automobile sector is evolving at a rapid pace. Companies are introducing fresher models and working to introduce more fuel efficiency as well as hybrid vehicles that can also work with alternative fuels and offer a greater return on investment. Truly, the demands for completing your degree or even obtaining a Master’s certificate in the automobile industry can lead prospective students to examine diverse fields which include electronics, safety engineering, mechanics, and software development.

The creation of big/small automobiles falls under the skill and knowledge of Automotive Engineering and Germany holds a great legacy in building some of the best and fastest as well as most efficient vehicles. After all, there’s a long history of excellence in automobile manufacturing, with some of the finest examples being companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

In case you were wondering about Germany then do note that it is one of the most preferred study destinations globally! Besides many Indian students prefer to complete their higher education in countries which offer strong engineering/ math-focused curriculum and their preference is for degrees that are recognized globally by most employers. As such Germany has emerged as one of the top study abroad locations due to its research-oriented and student-friendly policies for higher education.

Here’s a list for some of the leading German universities that offer courses in automobile engineering:


The Esslingen graduate school offers great diversity as well as excellent scope for study and research in engineering, management and social sciences. The university offers a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree in automotive engineering to aspiring students.


RWTH University offers an up-to-date and innovative study curriculum for students with a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering and Transport. Its courses enable students to lead and coordinate project teams to strengthen their skills in scientific documentation and communications.


The Bayreuth University is considered to be one of the leading public universities in Germany and it offers a Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree in Automotive Component Engineering and Mechatronics.


Offering a Masters in Automotive Systems, the university is counted amongst the top ones in Germany and also amongst the top 200 universities of the world. A center of excellence, the university’s engineering department is home to at least 12 Nobel laureates and enjoys a strong industrial reputation.


The Chemnitz University counts over 700 international students in various faculties as its alumni. It offers a Masters’ degree in Automotive Software Engineering to students which is taught completely in English.

Germany not only has the technology and the innovative direction to offer the best of the automobile world, but it also manages to provide ample industry interface to students, ensuring steady employment opportunities once students get their degrees.


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